Fit for 55

Well done to our For for 55 participants

The slideshow above features images from some of our Fit for 55 participants. Kurtis chose to walk from Johnstone to Glasgow visiting war memorials and Cenotaphs and finishing up at Ibrox. Kevin went for a 55 minute run. Thanks to all family and friends who have supported people taking part in Fit for 55 and donated to raise funds for Erskine and The Rangers Youth Development Company.

Now we have achieved the 55th League Championship win we are encouraging Rangers fans to support Erskine and Rangers Youth Development by taking a 55 fitness challenge. You can pick the exercise, it might be running or walking for 55 minutes or doing 55 press ups, the choice is yours.  We are hoping that everyone who takes part will raise £55.00 although any amount raised helps Erskine and Rangers Youth Development. Everyone who raises £55.00 or over will receive a special certificate.


Gordon is cycling 55 miles

Derek is walking for 55 minutes 55 times

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Scott is cycling 55 miles

Kevin is having a 55 minute run

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Scott is running 55 miles

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 Colin is running 55 miles

Marion is exercising for 55 minutes for 80 days

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    If you are unable to do a personal challenge but would like to make a donation to the fundraising please visit our Donations page