Andrew Baird – 4x4x48

Rangers fan Andrew Baird has decided to take on one of the toughest physical and mental challenges to raise funds for Erskine and the Rangers Youth Development Company.

The challenge is called 4 x 4 x 48. It sounds simple enough, run 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours. Devised by ex US Navy Seal David Goggins  it is recognised as one of the ultimate challenges of physical and mental strength. 12 x  4 mile runs being completed in 48 hours is like running a marathon each day. With each run being 4 hours apart, the effect on the runners body is immense and when you throw in sleep deprivation too you begin to see the enormity of this challenge.

Andrew will run the first and last 4 miles around Ibrox stadium and will be joined by some well known Rangers faces to help him on this incredible challenge. New RSEA President Gordon Smith is warming up already!

To make a donation to sponsor Andrew visit out JustGiving crowdfunding page here

It takes a special sort of person to take up the 4x4x48 challenge but good physical and mental health is important for everyone, regardless of age or level of fitness. To let everyone make a positive we are encouraging people to take part in our Fit for 55 challenge.  You can pick the exercise, it might be running or walking for 55 minutes or doing 55 press ups, the choice is yours.  We are hoping that everyone who takes part will raise £55.00 but any amount is welcome. These donations will be combined with the money raised for Andrew in the 4x4x48 event and split between Erskine and Rangers Youth Development. To register to take part in Fit for 55 visit visit our registration page here

The funds raised will be split 50-50 between Erskine and the Rangers Youth Development Company. For more information on these two groups visit their websites at and