Thanks to all of our Flag sponsors for this years Golf Day!

1 Gordon Prentice Farriers, Harthill

rsea golf1 gordon+prentice+farriers

 2 Stephen Boyd rsea golf2 Stephen+Boyd

3 Largs RSCrsea golf3+Largs+RSC

4 Masons   Bar, Airdriersea golf4+Masons+Bar+Airdrie

5 Jura MOT, Ibroxrsea golf5+Jura+MOT+Ibrox

6 The Steps Bar, Glassford Streetrsea golf6+Steps+Bar

7 Karens Kitchenrsea golf7+Karens+Kitchen

8 The Studio Fine Art Company  rsea golf8+Studio+Fine+Art+Company

9 David Cox Butchers, Bridgeton  rsea golf9+David+Cox+Butchers

10 Alloa Hire Centre  rsea golf10+Alloa+Hire+Centre

11 Newfoundland Teddy Bears RSC rsea golf11+Newfoundland+RSC

12 David Speirs, Happy 30th Birthday  rsea golf12+David+Speirs+30th

13 Rutherglen Campsie A.B.O.D. 

14 Lodge Robert Burns  rsea golf14+Lodge+Robert+Burns

15 Gifts 4 Masons rsea golf15+gifts+for+masons

16 Colin & Shaun Cook, Larkhall  rsea golf16+Colin+and+shaun+cook

17 Baku Bears, Azerbaijanrsea golf17+Baku+Bears

18 Yesterday’s Bar, Airdrie  rsea golf18+Yesterdays+Bar+Airdrie

19 Papua New Guinea Loyalrsea golf19+papua+New+Guinea+loyal

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